Paolo begins his musical adventure at the age of 14 when the first drum kit enters Palmieri's house, hence starting the first experiences with friends and playing any kind of music. In the summer of 1987 Roberto Priori's call arrives, he's looking for a drummer, his DANGER ZONE needs a replacement for Vito Camporeale who has just decided to quit the band.
The challenge is great but the results come fast here it is demo recording in 1988 and 1989, the very same year in which their efforts are rewarded with the recording of "Line of Fire." In mid-1990 after a year spent in the rehearsal rooms without any good news from the production team and concerns for the future lead him to the tough decision to leave the band. In the following years he switches from performing in the local club circuit to new partnerships in other musical projects lead by his friend Roberto Priori. In mid 2010 while back in Bologna after a period living away from home, Paolo keeps the route to Roberto and Giacomo Gigantelli, their commitments are still there and the old chemistry is here, they decide that after twenty years it is time to try it again.

The new DANGER ZONE chapter begins January 2011...