Italian HARD ROCK veterans DANGER ZONE renew contract with Pride & Joy Music; new album "Shut Up!" to be released on September 20th, 2024!
Danger Zone, one of the most popular, veteran Italian Hard Rock bands, began their musical journey in the early 1980s. After releasing several demos and undergoing numerous line-up changes, they debuted their EP, "Victim Of Time," in 1984 and four more studio albums to follow (“Line Of Fire” recorded in 1989 but released in 2011); “Undying” (2012), “Closer To Heaven” (2016) and “Don’t Count On Heroes” (2019) followed.
The pandemic in 2020/21 hindered the band's ability to fully promote their 2019 album, leading to a temporary hiatus. They reconvened in 2022, resuming live performances and writing sessions. During this time, Danger Zone decided to return to a sound reminiscent of the golden era of American melodic hard rock, characterized by catchy choruses, loud guitars, pounding drums, and dreamy keyboards.
This new chapter in their musical journey is encapsulated in their upcoming album, "Shut Up!," set for release on September 20, 2024, by Pride & Joy Music - their 3rd album on this label. The first single, "Evil," precedes the release, showcasing the band's commitment to standing out while staying true to their unique style and will be released in advance on July 26th, 2024!
- Giacomo Gigantelli: Lead Vocals
- Roberto Priori: Lead Guitar
- Paolo Palmieri: Drums
- Matteo Minghetti: Bass
- Danilo Faggiolino: Guitar
- Pier Mazzini: Keyboards & Vocals