Italian Melodic Rock band DANGER ZONE will release their new album "Don't Count On Heroes" on October 18th, 2019!

The band centered around guitarist Roberto Priori currently is putting the final touches onto the master. Musically, the Italians successfully continue with the path they already had followed with their previous, very successful release "Closer To Heaven".

The track list of "Don't Count On Heroes" - which was once again produced by Roberto Priori and Jody Gray - looks as as follows:

1. Demon Or Saint
2. Faster Than Love
3. Somewhere Out There
4. Destiny
5. Down To Passion
6. Rise Again
7. Hang On To Your Heart
8. Forever Now
9. Rolling Thunder
10. Breakaway
11. Eternity

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AnderStein Music is proud to announce the signing of Danger Zone for a special Japanese edition of "Undying", called "Undying – Reloaded" set for release on April 7th, 2017.


The original edition of the album was initially released in November 2012 by Avenue Of Allies as follow up of their acclaimed "Line Of Fire".


Now, for all the fans and collectors here comes this very special Japanese version printed in 500 copies, containing all the 12 tracks from the original edition rearranged with Pier Mazzini on Keyboards and completely remixed and remastered by Roberto Priori at PriStudio, plus two unreleased tracks.


Danger Zone on "Space Racers"!!

....Producer/Composer Jody Gray has been working with Danger Zone on music for the 2nd Season of the animated hit TV series, Space Racers. The show's new broadcast network in the US is Sprout.


The first collaboration, "Paint Your Rocket" (coupled with "Different") with premiere on Friday, November 4th at 7:00 p.m. EST in the US.


Commanding the Space Racers missions of Season 2 production are veteran executive producers Michael Matays, Matthias Schmitt and Charles Matays. The show’s original world-class creative team remains intact with Emmy Award-winning director Mark Risley (Rugrats, The Wild Thornberrys, Yo-kai Watch), head writer Allan Neuwirth (Octonauts, Tumble Leaf, Cyberchase) and composer/songwriter Jody Gray (Courage the Cowardly Dog, Sesame Workshop).....



Danger Zone on compilation "We Still Rock" with a new  version of "Walk Away"


Danger Zone are releasing a new version of their ballad "Walk Away", originally featured on their album "Line Of Fire".

This new 2016 version is a new recording and arrangement of the song, played by the same line-up featured in the last album "Closer To Heaven".

The song has been produced by Roberto Priori and Jody Gray.


Welcome aboard

Pier Mazzini!!


Danger Zone are pleased to introduce Pier Mazzini as a new member of the lineup! Along with guitar player Danilo Faggiolino, will share the stage with us for the supporting tour of the album "Closer To Heaven" in stores April 15th. We are very thrilled to have such a great musician working with us to bring the new sound of the band live!

Danilo Faggiolino confirmed as second guitar player for

Danger Zone


We are happy to confirm that long time friend Danilo Faggiolino will be still with us during the tour supporting the new album "Closer To Heaven". After replacing Antonio Capolupo during the "Undying" tour in 2014, Danilo  has become an essential part of the Danger Zone team.

Go! The first video from the album "Closer To Heaven", in stores April 15th, 2016

PRIDE & JOY MUSIC sign DANGER ZONE; release date for new CD „Closer To Heaven“ set to April 15th, 2016!


PRIDE&JOY MUSIC (Edel/Comeback Media Distribution)
is happy to announce the signing of Italian Melodic Rock band DANGER ZONE! The band most recently has completed their third album entitled “Closer To Heaven” and the release date is scheduled for April 15th, 2016.


At this link, you can listen to some excerpts of the album:



DANGER ZONE proudly announce the signing of their brand new album “Undying” to the German Avenue of Allies label. 
“Undying” is the highly anticipated follow up to “Line Of Fire” (Avenue Of Allies, 2011).  The band already got back together in 2010 working on new material and rehearsing for live shows. During 2011 the guys worked continuously on new songs and played several gigs in Italy.
Before original DANGER ZONE band members Roberto Priori (guitars), Paolo Palmieri (drums) and Giacomo Gigantelli (vocals) entered the studio they added new bassist Roberto Galli to their line-up. 
The album has been produced by Roberto Priori at his PriStudio in Bologna, while Jody Gray, one of the key members of the production team of the “Line Of Fire” album more than 20 years ago, added various details to the arrangements and assisted Roberto Priori for the vocal production.
“Undying” is set for release on November 2nd 2012 and it brings out the very best of the band members and the production team, a big anthemic Melodic Hard Rock album to die for.