When guitarist Roberto Priori started the Italian band DANGER ZONE in the early 80s a long hard road lay ahead of them. In 1984 they released the LP “Victim Of Time”.

In the spring of 1988 DANGER ZONE eventually opened up for Heavy Metal legends Saxon in Verona, Italy and following the performance promoter and manager Francesco Sanavio offered DANGER ZONE a production deal which included the plan to break into the US market. Almost a year later in May 1989 the new album "Line Of Fire" began to take shape when executive producer Stephan Galfas (Meat Loaf, Savatage, Stryper, John Waite and Saxon) got involved and his colleagues Jody Gray and Mark Cobrin, both successful with the Japanese Hard Rock outfits Loudness and EZO, took over the production duties.

The band also recorded a Hard Rockin' version of the T. Rex c1assic "Children or the Revolution" and business reasons led them to record two more cover versions, "Thet's Why I Fell In Love With You" by Country singer Eddie Rabbitt and "Let Me Rock" from the 1984 one-off release by Chequered Past, a band featuring singer Michael Des Barres, ex-Sex Pistol Steve Jones and Blondie's rhythm section. The band members own cornpositions showed their great talent to write catchy Melodic Rock songs with a harder edge with equally great instrumental performances of Roberto Priori on lead guitar, Stefano Peresson on guitars and keyboards, Stefano Gregori on bass and Paolo Palmieri on drums. The rough vocals of Giacomo Gigantelli fit tracks Iike "State or The Heart", "Hardline", "Love Dies Hard " and "Fingers" perfectly. On the latter one singer and model Grace Jones can be heard doing background vocals.

Following the studio recordings DANGER ZONE began rehearsing for Iive shows and the guys prepared their move to Los Angeles . But due to endless negotiations with an US label the band began to fall apart and money started to run short, forcing the remaining band members to sell part of the equipment to finally make it across the ocean. When DANGER ZONE finally started to build up a good reputation by touring the Club circuit in Southern California for several months the L.A. Scene was hit very hard by the Grunge wave, forcing DANGER ZONE to give up their big dream, call it quits and return back home to Italy.
As the years went by “Line of Fire”reached an underground cukt status when Rock magazines fanzines and dedicated fans of the band continuosly demanded its release.

In 2011 the album finally sees the light of the day carefully remastered from the original source by Roberto Priori.

 September 2012 DANGER ZONE announce the signing of their brand new album “Undying" .

 The band already got back together in 2010 working on new material and rehearsing for live shows. During 2011 the guys worked continuously on new songs and played several gigs in Italy. Before original DANGER ZONE band members Roberto Priori (guitars), Paolo Palmieri (drums) and Giacomo Gigantelli (vocals) entered the studio they added new bassist Roberto Galli to their line-up. 
The album has been produced by Roberto Priori and Jody Gray, one of the key members of the production team of the “Line Of Fire” album .

 To promote this release, the group played several shows in Italy and some Summer Festivals.In March 2014 they released a single and a video of the E.Z.O.'s song "Fire Fire", a tribute to a legendary Japanese band of the 80's, now featuring new bass player Matteo Minghetti.

While keeping playing live, the Danger Zone started to work on the compositions for a new album.

The sound now turned out to be more melodic than before so they decided to add Pier Mazzini (Perfect View) and Whitesnake's Michele Luppi on keyboards.

In Summer of 2015 the Italians started the recordings with Roberto Priori and Jody Gray producing at the PriStudio in Bologna; as before the engineering duties were handled by Roberto himself.

The whole album has a very positive energy and attitude. Hard Rock and AOR were mixed together and as a result, the band feels even better presented than it was never before.That’s why they decided to call the album "Closer To Heaven", it marks a step towards their own identity and sound.

The album has been released by "Pride & Joy"/EDEL on April 2016 and has received very good reviews all over the world and the first print went soldout just after the release of the first video clip (Go!). It's been unanimously acclaimed as their best album so far and one of the best AOR/Hard Rock albums of 2016.

The band, now joined by Danio Faggiolino on guitar and Pier Mazzini on keyboards as official members, released a limited edition of the "Undying" album for the Japanese market on April 9th, 2017. Titled "Undying Reloaded," this edition features added keyboard work, two previously unreleased tracks, and a new mix and mastering.

The band continued to play live, supporting their latest works while also working on new compositions. The addition of keyboards brought new possibilities, expanding the sound of "Closer To Heaven" into a more "cinematic" dimension. In the fall of 2018, they began recording their new album, once again with Roberto Priori and Jody Gray producing.

After an intense winter of recording and mixing, the band was finally ready. The new album, titled "Don't Count On Heroes," was released on October 18th, 2019, still under the Pride & Joy label. This album ventures into new territories for the band, featuring a 3/4 ballad and piano-based arrangements. However, they also remain as hard-hitting as ever, as evidenced by the first single, "Demon or Saint."