Matteo Minghetti begins to play at the age of 6, starting with piano and keyboards. With his brother Marco he also starts to play the guitar. It’s only at the age of 16 when he finally gets an electric bass, soon to become his main instrument. With some friends he starts to play in a cover band in the local clubs circuit, letting his passion for rock to grow day by day. In 1999 he met Massimiliano Magagni (director at Music Academy 2000 in Bologna, Italy) and with his help he has the opportunity to Jam with several Italian and international acclaimed musicians. In the following years he keeps playing live with several bands up to the call of Danger Zone in 2010, beginning as side musician to help the band while Roberto Galli wasn’t available up to become an official member in 2014. Bassists as Roberto Galli and Oscar Bandiera are cited as his influences and his favorite rock bands are Winger, Van Halen and Mr.Big.


Matteo plays: Fender Precision American Std., Fender Jazz Special '92 (customized by Roberto Finelli), Ampeg HSVTCL head and HSVT410HLF cabinet.