Giacomo Gigantelli debuts in 1981 with the Verona based metal band SPITFIRE with whom he records a single in 1984. In 1986 he moves to Bologna becoming Danger Zone lead singer with whom he will stay until the end in 1992 after two American tours and the recording sessions for "Line Of Fire".
He plays in several collaborations including lots of tunes for SAIFAM production for the Japanese market. For over 10 years he is the best Paul Stanley around playing and singing in the KISS tribute band Juliet KISS. In 2002, produces the tribute to KISS CD, "Italians Kiss Better". In 2004 he produces the "Verona Rock City" CD by his band Juliet KISS. In 2007 he sings for George Lynch and the same year he becames official endorser for Washburn/Randall. In 2009 he also forms Live 4 Win a tribute to KISS frontman Paul Stanley. February 2010 sees the release of the highly anticipated SPITFIRE's  reunion CD, "Time amd Eternity".
In his recent participation at the Ultimate Guitar World 2010 Exhibition held in Bologna, Giacomo sung the lead for the Superstar House Band along with Neil Murray, Gregg Bissonette, Derek Sherinian, Stef Burns, Clara Moroni and Michele Luppi and he shared the stage with worldwide fame's artists such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Glenn Hughes, George Lynch, Elias Viljanen and Timo Tolkki, just to name a few.

The new DANGER ZONE chapter begins January 2011...


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