Danger Zone were back together in 2010 and began to rehearse and record some new songs, of which twelve were meant for the new release. So, the new album, "Undying", comes to be present now and to strengthen even more the Italian melodic hard rock scene. And so the guitar virtuoso Roberto Priori  and his gang come to us generously to offer one really solid record with nice melodies, catchy choruses, fantastic guitar work and well-written songs that will make all fans of this particular scene rubbing their hands with delight! The title track that opens the curtain is a very good and powerful hard rock song with inspired melodies and fantastic guitar work by Roberto Priori . Listen, also, the shocking and totally 80's "More Heaven Than Hell", "Desire", "The Dreaming" and "Stand Up" and you'll discover a real gem! HeavyParadise's Rating : 8/10

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'Undying' è un disco che incorona di diritto i Danger Zone come sovrani del gotha del heavy rock italiano (con buona pace per tutti) e li conferma come una band matura ma col cuore che batte ancora al ritmo dell'hard rock di un tempo che fu. Se questo album fosse proprio uscito in quel tempo, oggi racconteremmo forse la storia di una band italiana che avvalora il proprio potenziale nel mondo assieme ai più grandi giganti del genere, ma ai Danger Zone viene riconosciuto il merito di dimostrarsi comunque veri leoni del rock, a prescindere da qualsiasi cosa. VOTO 8,5/10



Ottima produzione, con suoni puliti e potenti, senza però risultare troppo moderni o finti, perfettamente in linea con la proposta musicale del gruppo. Un ritorno quindi con i fiocchi per i Danger Zone, che si confermano in ottima forma e pronti, sperando questa volta avvenga sul serio, a competere con i grandi act internazionali. Da parte nostra, i migliori auguri, un in bocca al lupo e un “continuate così”. La parte di noi ascoltatori a cui è diretta l’esortazione, sapete già quale sia...comprare, ascoltare e supportare!

Undying” è un album che non brilla certo per originalità e varietà della proposta, ma che conquista al primo ascolto per immediatezza. Un hard rock ben fatto, suonato con tecnica, cuore e passione, ma soprattutto con l'orgoglio di quelle che sono la storia e la genetica dei Danger Zone, band tutta italiana della quale andare orgogliosi, in grado di tener testa alla grande alla concorrenza estera: ogni brano è infatti un piccolo gioiellino d'altri tempi, da gustare ogni volta che serve una dose di sano e buon Rock! 8/10



Bello! Un album che ha dalla sua sicuramente la cura riposta nel confezionarlo e la bravura degli artisti coinvolti che riescono a regalare uno dei migliori album di Hard Rock melodico dell’anno. A livello musicale ci troviamo di fronte ad un Hard Rock dai tratti abbastanza rocciosi in stile europeo ma con un gusto melodico che ne esalta le qualità e che lo rende adatto anche a chi cerca un sound meno “duro“.
La tiltetrack è un piccolo capolavoro che mette in risalto il lavoro fatto dal gruppo, un pezzo favoloso che riesce ad unire Hard Rock, melodia ed un gusto moderno della produzione come non ne sentivo da un pò di anni.
In definitiva un Centro pieno per i Danger Zone


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During the Juliet's Kiss live at "Mama Rock" in Costabissara (VI), Melodic Rock Italy chatted with Giacomo about Spitfire, Live 4 Win, Juliet Kiss and of course Danger Zone. Here is an excerpt
MR.IT: Let's start right away. With Danger Zone "Line Of Fire" finally saw the light of the day this year and later you soon embarked in the promotional tour! What about being back on tour with Danger Zone after all these years? GIGA: It 'was very, very nice! With both members, the historical ones and new guys that we included in the band! It 'was great because in a sense we startd where we left. It all came quite naturally, of course, there was the preparation, we worked hard on two fronts: We have worked very hard on "Line of Fire" tracks and also on others to get ready for the best live shows, but we worked at the same time on the new album, we are giving much importance...More


photo Stefano Fascetti
photo Stefano Fascetti

Friday February 25th 2011 Sottotetto Sound Club, Bologna, Italy.

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An amazing album for production, songwriting and arrangements, where emotions and feelings flow unabated. A huge classy album, practically perfect in every respect!! Interview


Listening now this album, twenty years after its recording is an experience that the Italian fans have been waiting for too long. The expectations arisen in recent years, haven't been betrayed, 'Line of Fire'is an excellent work, played and recorded at professional standards. I cannot say where this would have led if this album was released in the late 80's at least in America, perhaps Danger Zone would not have had the success of bands like Ratt or Dokken, but they could certainly write a beautiful page for their history and also for the Italian metal. Interview


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Metal Hammer Italy, Feb. edition


Metal Maniac Italy, Feb. edition Interview + Interview



All songs have a deadly shooting, the production is of another level, there is great technical skill of all the musicians with Giacomo Gigantelli's voice playing a key role in the sound of the band, a curious mix between Don Dokken and Ted Poley of Danger Danger. We have waited far too long to listen to this album, but our patience has been rewarded with ten gems that have stood the test of time and they sound fresh and accessible for anyone who loves this kind of music.


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In front of me lies an album called Line Of Fire from the Italian AOR Metal band Danger Zone.
You may think the cover a bit cheesy when you see it, but I tell you; fuck the whole package, fuck inlays and fuck jewel cases; I definitely would buy this album even if it was only a bare-ass disc!
Line Of Fire is something fresh and accessible for everyone. It’s a common AOR sound, but if you love Melodic Metal; this is your thing. Trust me; You’ll get a high quality old school rock performance from these Italian Stallions. It’s all there!
"Line Of Fire", has become something of a lost treasure to melodic rock fans the world over who have continuously demanded the album finally see release. The remastering work done on this album has to be applauded as it will certainly stand up against modern rock albums of its ilk. Singer Giacomo Gigantelli, sometimes lost when entertaining the lower register, showed real talent when his pipes were fully warmed, and lead guitarist Roberto Priori certainly had major guitar hero potential in his blurred fingers.

This is a very strong late 80s slice of AOR, full of catchy tunes and good musicianship, and I hope that the new material is as good, because Danger Zone deserve a second shot at the AOR title.


RockHard Magazine (Italy)

All tracks on "Line Of Fire" are a blast, great as the best american bands of the eighties. Giacomo's vocal lines recall the best Dokken and the huge guitar work by Roberto Priori will satified every true rocker...What a come back!!


The DZ team are quite capable of turning out quality tracks, typically melodic rock, with songs like 'State Of The Heart', 'Walk Away' and the rather tasty 'Love Dies Hard', this band had some good material to work with...8/10



A great album and a one-way ticket for the musical orgasm!

"Line Of Fire" by DANGER ZONE in my opinion is one of the most surprising 2011 release by this German label. [Avenue Of Allies] 19/20


Apparently there has been 'clamour' for the release of this Italian album from 1989.I was sceptical, but it's really good! Great eighties rock vocals, cool songs and all!Avenue Of Allies are releasing it late January.



Great new Italian melodic hardrock with great production and songs. The singer might not be the the new Mr. Coverdale but it is still very good. Avenue of Allies keeps getting good stuff out.
Danger Zone's “Line Of Fire” is an album of catchy Melodic Rock songs with an harder edge. Recorded back in the prime days of Melodic Rock, with producers Jody Gray and Mark Cobrin, both successful with the Japanese Hard Rock outfits Loudness and EZO. “Line Of Fire” is now available for the first time ever carefully remastered from the original source by Roberto Priori and packaged as a Special Limited Edition in a jewel case with an individually numbered slipcase.


...the sound/production is excellent and also musically speaking it is of a pretty high level and I do even think fans of pure 80s AOR/Melodic Rock will like this album a lot. Especially if you’re into bands like VICE (a lot!), VAMP, DOMINOE, DOMINE, BONFIRE, SWEDISH EROTICA and such European (read: German) type of 80s big bombast Melodic Rock you will probably like this a lot (check out songs like “Love dies hard”, “State of the heart” and “Line of fire”, on which fans of mentioned bands will dance all night long!), but still I would not call it a classic.